Moments of retreat for children with a disability.

Children with a disability are not sick. They live and develop in their own world, according to their own rhythm.

The artists of the Theodora Foundation regularly visit various specialist care centers for children with disabilities. During these visits they are called “Mr and Mrs Dream”. The delicate, poetic approach of the Theodora artists and the resulting bond gives the children access to moments of laughter and pleasure.

Ufroelich au Centre Pédagogique Wenkenstrasse à Riehen

When the house buzzes with excitement and joy and loud laughter rings out, the Theodora artists must be with us in their role as “Mr. and Mrs. Dream”! During their visits, they create moments of incredible value for our children and young people. We are so grateful for that!

Fabienne Beyerle
Head of School and Therapies, School and Support Centre Wenkenstrasse, Riehen

Little Orchestra for the Senses

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