The Lil’ Champs

«The Lil’ Champs» is a motivational program for children with obesity. Specially trained Theodora artists work with children and young people on the topic of obesity as part of therapeutic programs.

Just like the participants, the artists are also involved in the various activities of the program, from discussion panels to nutritional advice to sporting activities.

The artists facilitate the learning process and contribute to a positive experience by combining therapy with a recreational concept of humor and entertainment. They instill the joy of movement in children and young people, motivate them and help them to persevere so that they feel like real champions.

This project was realized in cooperation with the Swiss Association for Childhood and Adolescent Obesity (akj).

Ponk durant le Hip Fit Camp en 2017

It makes me happy every time my child returns from the programme for overweight children beaming because Dr Pönk was there. These are such precious moments for me as a mother…
Thank you for your work… 💖

Rahel Ettlin, a mother
via Facebook

Our presence frees children from the fear of being noticed because of their excess weight.

Méli Mélo, Giggle Doctor

The Giggle Doctors

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