A surgical procedure turns into a fantasy journey

A surgical procedure often means a great deal of stress for a child. It is separated from its family, finds itself in an unfamiliar situation and a strange environment. When accompanying the surgery, the Giggle Doctors are available to the child, its family and the nursing staff before and after surgery. With great empathy, they transform the surgical process into a fantasy journey, where the children and their parents can relax.

docteure Lilu à l'Hôpital de l'Enfance Lucerne

We were very lucky to have Dr Tiramisù by our side on the day of Marco’s operation – a very exhausting day. She was incredibly nice, funny and really sincere and dedicated to what she was doing! Emotions are very important and affect the body in every way, and for Marco to be able to laugh light-heartedly without leaving any room for fear or worry was an added value and strength for him to face this day with peace of mind – also very important for his recovery. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Marco and Dr. Tiramisù at the Regional Hospital Bellinzona
Enrica Pizzoferrato, Marco’s mother
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The Giggle Doctors are professional artists who are specially trained for the different needs of children.

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